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Picture Source: Grand Canyon at sunrise.
Picture Source: Grand Canyon at sunrise.
Picture Source: Grand Canyon at sunrise.
Picture Source: Grand Canyon at sunrise.
Picture Source: Grand Canyon at sunrise.

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From the mountains to the prairies, the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Coast and around the world, my passion for outdoor photography has led me across Canada capturing amazing images of landscapes and animals.
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Algonquin provincial park
Tom thompson lake
Wildlife Photograph
As I awaited the 5:30am wake up call, the excitement of possibly seeing a Moose began to grow! As the first rays of dawn lit up the campsite, everyone stirred from their tents to gather around the roaring fire, shaking off the chill of the night. With spirits high, we set out in canoes around 6:30 am, gliding gracefully over calm waters beneath cloudy skies. Without warning, a magnificent Cow Moose emerged from the foliage and gracefully entered the water, delicately feasting on lily pads. We couldn't believe our eyes and shared silent screams of ecstasy as we observed this captivating creature in its natural habitat. Our amazement, however, reached an entirely new level soon after! From the left side of the shore, a symphony of rustling trees and bushes drew our attention. In an awe-inspiring spectacle, a majestic 17-point Bull Moose emerged, exuding an air of regal dominance!
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Sarnia, ontario
canatara park /lake chipican
Wildlife Photograph
As my afternoon shoot was winding up and I was heading to the car, I spotted a majestic egret perched gracefully at the water's edge. Its slender form was silhouetted against the gentle ripples within the water, creating a mesmerizing sight. I carefully raised the camera to my eyes, eager to capture this exquisite moment. The egret remained seemingly unperturbed by my presence, allowing me to approach cautiously. Each step I took was met with a measured stillness from the bird, its elegant neck poised like a swan's. As I framed the shot, I felt a sense of awe and reverence for this beautiful creature, its pure white plumage glimmering in the fading light as it performed its final "Curtain Call"
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